CRO Moto Honda Monkey LP6 + Dual S1 Brackets

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Introducing the Honda Monkey Lighting Bracket by CRO Moto

Unleash the full potential of your Honda Monkey with our Lighting Bracket designed to seamlessly accommodate both the Baja Designs LP6 and Baja Designs Dual S1 light pods.

Upgrade your Honda Monkey's lighting game and make nighttime adventures safer and more exciting. With the Honda Monkey Lighting Bracket by CRO Moto.

Note: Lights are sold separately.

What’s Included:

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Hardware Included:

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Enhance your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s visibility with A10 MOTO’s Performance Lighting Systems featuring the ultra-bright LP6, LP4, and other Baja Designs lights. Experience unparalleled illumination for safer, more enjoyable rides.

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